The Gabriel Collaboration Suite will run on most new devices without any issues. If you have a Windows or Mac computer, Android or iOS phone that is not older than 3 years, you are probably in good shape. For more detailed requirements, visit the Gabriel Online Manual.

You can have one Gabriel account per email address.

No, when using Gabriel all your data is encrypted during transfer. You chats, email and files are stored on your own devices.

All data is encrypted during transfer and stored locally on your devices inside the .gabriel folder. Chat messages are automatically deleted based on your Conversation History preferences.

Go to Settings > Notifications > Gabriel > “Allow Notifications”

No, when a chat is “off the record” it will be deleted after restarting Gabriel.

Go to Settings > User Preferences > Edit Account Details. This will take you to www.myvirnetx.com where you will log in and click “change” next to Password. Or you can go directly to www.myvirnetx.com.

No, the only way to change your username is to create a new account.

Yes, but you will have to delete your account and create a new one.

Go to Settings > Manage Devices > click “Details” next to the device you want to delete and click “Delete Device”

Go to www.myvirnetx.com and click the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the Account Details screen.

No, mobile devices are unable to be servers.

Go to the “My Account Page” by clicking the 3-line (hamburger) menu in the top left. Then click “Invite Now!” button.

No. All data transmitted in and out of Gabriel is encrypted over secure communication links. The private key never leaves your device and only the intended recipient can unlock the data. No third party can access your private data, including VirnetX.

Currently, Gabriel does not auto renew any accounts.

A Gabriel Domain Server is a specialized Gabriel client device that performs dedicated server functions for users in secure domain (e.g. user.company.scom). These services include Secure Mail routing and storage, Chat/Messaging backup and syncing and Secure Share file hosting. If necessary, multiple Domain Servers may be designated to support a given domain, as the number of users in a domain grows.

A user’s designated server, a personal server or domain-provided server, should not to be confused with the the VirnetX SDNS Connect and Relay servers which consists of multiple inter-operable servers designed to scale in size, number and location as the number of overall Gabriel users grows. This architecture is also designed to provide automatic redundancy when servers go down unexpectedly or for routine maintenance.

Yes, the character limit is 32.

Answer: Exit out of Gabriel, then turn on Avast SecureLine VPN. Then start Gabriel as this will allow Gabriel to function within the Avast Secure VPN application.



Still have questions?
Please take a look at the Gabriel Collaboration Suite Online Manual or the Support Forum.
You also can send us an email to support@virnetx.com and we will create a support ticket for you.