Main Menu

  • If you go back to the home screen (Fig. 3.2) you will notice the 3 horizontal bars on the top left of your screen. Clicking on that will bring you to your dashboard page. (Fig 4.1)
  • From the dashboard page (Fig. 4.1) you will be able to change your availability status, invite friends, manage devices and play with your settings.
  • From the dashboard page (Fig 4.1) you may also change your current status or create a new profile message for others to view by clicking the “change” button on the dashboard page (Fig 4.1). After clicking the “change” button you can add a custom message for your friends to see, or change your availability status. (see image below)
  • The dashboard (Fig. 4.1) will also allow you to invite friends, see your current online Gabriel devices as well as utilize the settings within Gabriel. You can get to that screen two ways. 1) Click the gray gear in the upper right corner of the screen or 2) Scroll down and click on SETTINGS at the bottom of the screen. Doing so will bring you to the following screen.
adminMain Menu