Gabriel Collaboration Suite – Release Notes

March 28, 2017
7.187 (7.190 on Android & Linux)

  • Improved Secure Call audio and inbound call handling
  • Silencing conversations can now be applied to all conversations and syncs with all devices.
  • Added ability to choose which apps are visible in the user interface
  • Improved visual indicators for system messages (server offline, updates ready, etc.)
  • Added support for Android 7
  • Added ability to choose all types of files to share in Secure Chat (iOS Only)
  • Integrated with iOS CallKit to allow answering Secure Calls from the lock screen
  • Other enhancements and stability improvements


January 31, 2017

  • Added green, yellow and gray status icons for your friends
  • Improved visibility of indicators when you have a new friend request or new server invite
  • In Secure Sync, improved user experience when choosing which files to exclude from a backup. Also fixed a display issue that incorrectly reported the destination was offline.
  • In Secure Chat, fixed a bug where your conversations were not always scrolling to the bottom
  • For enterprise domain servers, increased flexibility of storing conversation history
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Mail was always properly imported from your mail server after install
  • On iOS, fixed a bug where the screen would ‘flicker’ or ‘flash’ when content was redrawn
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the main icons where not loaded before the user interface was displayed
  • Added the ability to properly handle fragmented packets
  • Improved performance of NAT testing and implemented caching
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements


January 16, 2017

  • Improved user experience with managing Security Policies
  • On iOS, added support for downloading, sharing and exporting files opened in Gabriel
  • On Android, standardize the launch ‘splash’ screen
  • In Secure Share, autogenerate medium sized photos for preview after files are uploaded
  • Added support in Secure Sync for syncing files larger than 2GB
  • Fixed a bug where importing your Secure Mail would never complete
  • Fixed a bug where Secure Chat notifications were not always issued after switching devices
  • Fixed a few bugs where files with special characters could not be opened in Windows
  • Improved performance on devices with multiple identities
  • Added support for www, A record, AAA record and MX record resolutions
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements


December 16, 2016
7.167 (7.169 on Windows & OS X)

  • Improved messaging history support for domains policies that implement Audit
  • Improved logic for discovering available connect & relay servers
  • Fixed missing outbound ‘ring’ when calling from iOS
  • Fixed unable to ‘copy & paste’ bug in Secure Mail
  • Fixed bug in Secure Share where the “New Backup” button was not available sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where iOS was asking for for access to contacts for users who cannot invite others
  • Fixed a bug where opening attachments failed sometimes when mail was popped out
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements


December 6, 2016

  • Expanded IPv6 support
  • Added “Group Chat Mentions” feature – A special indicator when someone mentions your name in a group conversation
  • Faster VPN handshaking and better awareness of network switching
  • Many other minor bug fixes and stability improvements


November 11, 2016

  • Improved Secure Messaging delivery (messages sync with all your devices)
  • New unified user interface
  • New Domain/Group Policy & Domain User Groups
  • Offline support of incoming messages (Windows 10/Push)
  • Customizable audit support
  • Windows and Linux FIPS
  • Secure Gateway Improvements
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


September 8, 2016

  • Fixed a few bugs with Secure Share uploads & notifications
  • Other minor bug fixes and stability improvements


September 2, 2016

  • Added Secure Share Notifications (users can subscribe to changes in folders)
  • Improved Secure Gateway connectivity for mobile devices
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


July 26, 2016
7.108 (7.107 on iOS)

  • Added IPv6 Support
  • Added “Busy Signal” when calling a friend who is already in Secure Call
  • Added ability to switch between front and back cameras (iOS)
  • Added TouchId support & privacy filter when switching between apps (iOS)
  • Dynamically adjust Secure Call bitrates to improve audio clarity and video quality
  • Auto install Gabriel updates on restart
  • Added Windows Notification Center integration (Windows 10)
  • Improved delivery process for Secure Mail attachments
  • Improved syncing of changes to Secure Mail messages across devices
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


May 12, 2016

  • Improved logic for Syncing/Pushing files to friends without a default server
  • Upgraded SSL libraries
  • Added support for larger symmetric keys
  • Added ability to invite friends to any custom domain you own
  • Added ability to search in your domain only or all domains
  • Added expanded Secure Chat window and Secure Mail List-with-preview for wider Gabriel views
  • Improved stability for multiple-Gabriel-accounts installs
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


January 17, 2016

  • Improved SecureMail performance
  • Improved echo cancel and audio performance in SecureVoice
  • Added In-App Purchase Support for Google Play and the App Store


November 30, 2015

  • First Release for Apple iOS
  • Backup syncs have improved logic and flexibility for handling network problems
  • VOIP call improvements
  • User defined groups for chat and email
  • Added new “mobile interface”
  • Improved FileSync status reporting
  • Added support for Push Notifications
  • Many bug fixes


July 28, 2015

  • Improved Android Battery Life and Performance
  • Secure Gateway – Enable secure Gabriel access to 3rd party services (cameras, multi-media, etc)
  • Send a non-Gabriel user a Secure Mail where they receive the email securely by signing up for Gabriel
  • No limit on invites in myvirnetx.scom
  • More Customizable User Preferences – New dark theme and customizable font size
  • Gabriel now supports native Android file chooser
  • Many bug fixes


June 5, 2015

  • SecureVideo: Fix crash specific to Samsung s4 and other phones that don’t support arbitrary camera preview sizes
  • SecureVoice: Fix crash on 2nd SecureVoice call on Samsung s6 phones
  • SecureMail: improve reliability for delivery of attachments
  • Fix bug with occasional white screen when app is brought to foreground
  • Simplified new Account Signup
  • Other changes to improve scalability and reliability


May 5, 2015

  • Initial Production Release
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements found in last BETA release




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