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    You can use Gabriel’s Secure Gateway to securely expose many types of applications and services. This page will walk you through sharing a printer on your local network with any Gabriel friend anywhere on the internet.


    In this example, lets say you have a printer on your network on the IP address that has IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) enabled on port 631.


    1. You should be able to access your printers webpage from the “Printers & Scanners” dialog from “System Preferences”. Click on the “Options & Supplies…” button:
    2. Now, click on the “Show Printer Webpage…”:
    3. Here we see the printer’s local webpage. Yours will look different but we are looking for information related to IPP. Make sure IPP is enabled and make note of the port, typically 631. Finally, take note of the IP address. In this example, we see the address is “”.
    4. Now, that we have the printer’s IP address and IPP port we are ready to add it to Gabriel. Open your Gabriel client, (1)select the Gateway Services tab and then (2) click “NEW SERVICE”:
    5. Complete the fields for the new service, then press “SAVE GATEWAY SERVICE”.
      • Note: It may be necessary to pick a different local port. Using the local port 631 may already be used, and if so the printer will not work. Try “1631” if “631” does not work. You MUST use “631” for the “target port” since that is traditionally used for IPP (Internet Printing Protocol).
    6. You should see your new service on the Secure Gateway home page. If you are the only one that should access this printer, then you are done. If you want to give others access, click the “Edit” button and continue to the next step.
    7. Scroll down and click on the “Add Policy” button.
    8. Select the Security Policy with the members you want to grant access to the printer.
      • Note: If you select the “default” policy, everyone you are connected to on Gabriel will have access to print.
    9. You should see the new policy linked to the gateway service. Repeat this for every policy you want to add. When you are done, press “SAVE GATEWAY SERVICE”.

    Any person listed in the policies you added in steps 8 and 9 will be able to install and use this printer on their computer.


    Requirements: A valid Gabriel account with premium service, Gabriel OS X, Windows Pro or Linux client installed on the same network as the printer, a printer that supports IPP.

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