Connect to a Shared Printer

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    You can use Gabriel’s Secure Gateway to securely expose many types of applications and services. This page will walk you through connecting to and using a printer that another user has shared over the internet using Gabriel.


    In this example, lets say your friend, Bob or bob.domain.scom, as shared his printer from his MacBook over port 631. The Secure Domain Name for Bob’s printer would be macbook.bob.domain.scom:631


    1. Start Gabriel
    2. Open “System Preferences” and choose “Printers & Scanners”
    3. Click on the “+” button to add a new printer
    4. Click on the “IP” tab as shown in the picture below.
    5. Enter “macbook.bob.domain.scom:631” in the “Address” field and make sure “Internet Printing Protocol – IPP” is selected in the “Protocol” drop down.
    6. Give the printer a name and then click the drop down next to “Use:” to choose the printer drive.
      Note: Auto discovery will not work unless other ports are opened. You will need to know the type of printer you are trying to connect with. You will also need the printer drivers. For OS X, you can obtain packages will all drivers for select devices:.

    7. Choose your driver from the dialog and press “OK” then press the “Add” button to being the loading process
    8. While the printer is being setup , you will see a screen like below.
    9. The next screen varies by the type of printer and the options it makes available. Make any changes here, then press “OK”
    10. Success!
       When using this printer, Gabriel must be running on your and your friend’s device in order to create the VPN necessary to access the printer.


    Requirements: A valid Gabriel account with premium service, Gabriel OS X, Windows Pro or Linux client installed, a friend with a shared network as the printer over Gabriel.

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CorbyConnect to a Shared Printer