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“With the deployment of a Secure Domain, Gabriel is the most private and secure technology available in the market today.”
—Gene Fredriksen, Chief Security Strategist, PSCU

*The Unique Private and Secure Domain is a completely private and secure address for your group, department or business (i.e. supergroup.scom). A private and secure domain name is issued for each member of the domain (i.e. bob.supergroup.scom). Gabriel Collaboration Suite users and 3rd party applications utilize Gabriel Secure domains to protect communications and information.  Gabriel Secure Domain users are issued a dynamic and unique IP address upon connecting to any peer in the domain.

**Gabriel Secure Gateway Services – Developers / integrators can secure IP enabled applications and devices using the Gabriel Secure Gateway Services without making any modifications other than directing communications through the secure gateway.   IP devices installed on local/private networks can communicate securely over the public Internet using the Gabriel Security Platform without modification by using an externally provided Gabriel Secure Gateway Service.  If the network service secured by Gabriel Secure Gateway Services is a web service, then Gabriel can act as a client to securely access the web service. On the server side, Gabriel does not need to reside on the same device as the secured service.

Unique Private & Secure Domain

$250 /year

  • Annual subscription
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Gabriel Client Pricing

$12 /user /month

  • Monthly subscription
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